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Sex Crazy Uni Girls




Genres: Erotica


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Take three precocious university student’s sharing a flat, Take three precocious university student’s sharing a flat, throw in a super-sexy landlady who works as a stripper and her well-endowed, slightly retarded, lusty son. Add their friends who when there not studying are satisfying their ever horny sexual desires and you will enter the world of these flat-share girls. A story that will delight and arouse. This is not about getting a degree it’s about the degree of satisfaction these young ladies can achieve whether in the bedroom, the university or at the wild parties they


Candy groans silently as she hears her roommate’s whimpered moans start up. The slim blonde-haired girl is doing it again, stabbing her buzzing vibrator up into her sticky little twat. Candy sometimes wishes that she didn’t have to share rooms with the incessantly horny nymph. She needs her sleep, needs a little peace and quiet, not the rising whimpers and worse that are coming from the lusty girls, squeaking bed. “Not again Sissie, don’t you ever stop?” There is no answer, just the girls’ rising cries as she slides the noisy toy into her shaven cunny. Now the mumbling starts. “Gimme cock, give it to me fucker. Yeah, fuck my cunt you dirty fucker.” Candy is again amazed at the girl’s crude language; she doubts that the nubile babe has ever seen a real dick. Plenty of pictures and movies off the net, but the real thing? Sissie is always looking at the tube sites, avidly watching the free movies; getting herself sexually excited as she squeals and gasps with delight at the totally uncensored sex on view. Then when she is really excited, out will come that damned noisy joystick; off will come her knickers, then, legs akimbo, she’d ram the buzzing sex-tool straight up into her slippery pussy to give herself a noisy orgasm.

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