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Book Type: Digital


Roxanna "Jewel" Hendrix is on a mission in order to find her cousin. She connects with Cleo Miller in the process only semi aware of who the former writer is. She makes the decision to head to Archer Town, Kansas which is where she was raised. She's the bejeweled ninja who's gonna get more than she bargains for upon stepping foot in her hometown. A world of magic soon seeps into her fingertips. A romance will blossom between Roxanna Hendrix and Walker Grimes. Time will tell if they'll stay together as life threatens to pull them apart. A friendship will blossom between Roxanna and Cleo making her feel less alone in her isolated world. She will continue to shimmer; come what may. After all, Roxy Hendrix is the bejeweled ninja with a love for fashion, adventure, and mystery surrounding her.

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Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Wattpad ans aJoara


Language: English

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About The Author

Mads was born on the 30th of March– on an Easter Sunday. She was born and raised in Florida, now residing somewhere in Georgia. She's had a passion for writing ever since she was a kid. She enjoys binging shows and listening to music in her spare time. You can mostly find her writing slash editing.  She's an Aries, a Loner, and Hufflepuff. Writing will always be her number one. She's not too talkative unless you get to know her. She has a tight knit circle that she wouldn't trade for the world. She gets her inspiration and motivation from what she watches and listens to as well as her favorite author; Virginia "V.C." Andrews.

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