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Sex Crazy Babysitter




Genres: Erotica


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The book title really says everything, but I'll add a little more. Ashley Wilds lives up to her surname in this story. Yes she's one wild kitten who takes it wherever she can get it. She revels in her enjoyment of sex. The first part of this story reveals all, the second part? You'll have to read it to see. (Unfortunately, its not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


Babysitting can get a tad tedious when there’s nothing on TV. Not sure why the Coswild’s want a babysitter anyhow, not like Ricky is a little kid now, he’s even pulled his hard dick out and waved it at me in the past, and he looks at me sometimes like he wants me for his dessert. I would ignore him, but for a young lad, some seven inches of cock is kinda hard to dismiss from my thoughts. Anyhow, with things being so quiet, and nothing much on TV, I have a bit of a wander around. Found some dildo’s in Mrs Coswild’s room, then I noticed the laptop. Now a laptop in a stranger’s house is a very tempting target for a horny girl like me. so I switch it on, then have a search. What I eventually find are videos of Mr and Mrs Coswild fucking and there are quite a few. The most obvious thing I notice, is that Mr Coswild has a huge fucking dick, and I mean big. Not sure how long it is but its bigger than most I’ve had my hands on by far. With a sigh, I pull my panties aside, my bare, shaven snatch relishing the cool air from the fan. I scroll through the vids, frig my twat. my nipples jutting out, indent my thin tank top. You probably think I’m a typical little teen-slut, but you’re reading this, so I’m not alone, am I? My pussy is kinda sticky by now, my juices flowing all over my fingers as I think of going for a climax. I’m interrupted by young Ricky, who scares me stupid. “I don’t think you should be in here, especially not looking at my parent’s porn, and frigging yourself off.” “What, I’m not, I….. “Don’t lie. I’ve been watching you, I know what you’re doing.” I go red, how do I get out of this one. Threaten or bribe? Or maybe see what he says next? “So, are you gonna tell on me?” I ask him.

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