Sweet Pea


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Sweet Pea runs away from home when he learns of his origins. He was adopted only to be thrust into a world of magic. He isn’t ready for a world he knows nothing about. So what happens when he runs into people who know of magic? Can he learn to shape his own magic or will he be sold out? He doesn’t know who to trust. He doesn’t even trust himself on a good day. He befriends someone whose origins match his. Of course, he doesn’t like his new friend right off the bat. He’ll even fall for someone not meant for him.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9789814989497

ISBN-10: 9814989495

Edition: 1

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 249

Interior: BW

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About The Author

Author of my debut novel-- Sweet Pea; among other titles. Ravenclaw. Female version of Dil Pickles. 💫

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