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The hot home halp and her two wild twin sisters




Genres: Erotica


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Antoine can’t believe his luck when he first sees the new Live in Home Help. The woman is everything a horny young man could desire And her two mischievous daughter are the icing on the cake. These three avaricious women soon set about his seduction, and from then on every sexual adventure becomes a new adventure for Antoine. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


“What is a guy to do, when he finds a hot girl asleep on his bed, her high school skirt rucked up around her sexy ass? I’ve long wanted to see her like this ever since she and her twin sister moved in a few weeks ago when we came to an arrangement for my dad’s care with Julie, the girl’s mother. She would come to live with us along with her two daughters. Two of the hottest girls I’ve ever known, but up to now both have said very little to me. I stare at Candy’s delicious butt, wondering if she even has her panties on. Dare I check? What if she wakes up? My cock, meanwhile, has turned to steel in my jeans, pushing hard at my underwear, seeking to burst free of its confinement as I stare down at this delectable girl. Overcome with curiousity, I reach out, gently lift her skirt, gasp as her pert ass is revealed to my eyes. Yes, she’s totally naked under that skirt. She hasn’t stirred so I lift it up further still, right up to her waist. My heart is racing, and I wonder just why she’s in my room without her panties on? Surely, she hasn’t been frigging herself off. My trapped dick can no longer be restrained, so I pull down my zipper and then yank it free. The long, thick length of excited flesh bounces free into my hand and I gently jerk on it as I get even more excited. Candy lets out a soft moan, and I freeze as she flips over onto her front, her nicely shaped breasts jiggling wantonly under her loose top. Switching my gaze to her eyes, I see that they still remain shut. Candy has amazing tits, full and pointed, and I see that her nipples are indenting the soft material of her t-shirt, poking out, hard and slightly mounded. What a fucking sight. Here she is, wantonly displayed for my lustful eyes, her skirt still rucked up. I stare at this exciting sight for some moments, and then she turns again slightly, her legs drifting apart. Fuck; if I get down lower, I’ll be able to see her naked twat. I can’t hold myself back, so I slide down the bed and then drop my head down. Her pink, naked snatch is just inches from my enraptured eyes. She shaves, she shaves herself! What a sight, her pussy lips totally smooth, parted slightly right before my gazing eyes.

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Refunds: No

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