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Snatched by Harpies


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Zachary is a well-built young man with enthusiasm for outdoor activities, especially mountain climbing. It is the one thing in his life that hasn’t become boring. He has even begun to find sex unappealing as well, such that his best friend, Liam suggests that it’s because he isn’t as spontaneous in the sex department as he is when it comes to embarking on hiking adventures. On Liam's recommendation, he visits a mountain for the first time, only to discover a couple of beautiful nymphs, two harpies whom he gives the nicknames; Cindy and Lilith. He has explosive sex with them, recovering that one thing missing in his sex life, spontaneity. He engages in a threesome with the harpies with extremely high libidos and derives the sort of pleasure that changes his view of sex, being with women who know what it takes to please a man.

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Book Type: Digital


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Pages: 15

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Trinity Zook has a dirty mind, and he’s dying to share it with the world. Don’t worry, it’s the kind of dirty you’d love. He doesn’t light up the room, so people don’t automatically take notice of him, but he’s got a really wild imagination, and that’s all the spark the world needs. Growing up on a constant diet of horror, science fiction, cartoons, and Britcoms, Trinity Zook is living proof that too much television will rot your mind. Now, he explores erotica with the curiosity of the cat, seeking out ways in which basic biological functions clash with the hot and steamy side of the paranormal to redefine ecstasy and voluptuous satisfaction. In case you’re wondering, Trinity Zook is perfectly human. He’s a forty-something-year-old guy living in Texas with two dogs.

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