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The Brimstone Institution For Wilful Young Ladies




Genres: Erotica


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Rebecca is standing on the steps of the Brimstone Institution, wondering what awaits her. Apprehension fills her head as she turns and enters the building. Molly awaits her, a young woman who embodies every quality that a guy would want to possess. what happens in the next ten minutes will alter her previous perceptions, have her wondering at the real purpose of this place, and will delight her. When Rebecca gets blamed for a sexual incident that wasn't her fault, she's quickly packed off to the Brimstone Institute. Fearing the worst on her arrival, it soon turns out that far from being a place of correction, this is a hotbed of sexual activity. Anything goes down, much to her delight, and it doesn't take her long to get into the swing. The whole place is a front, and the young women revel in the sexual freedom that's encouraged. And you won’t want to miss Ivan the Impaler. One of the hottest books I have written, (Unfortunately, its not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


I’m sitting here alone at the Brimstone Academy, waiting to be collected after my dad has dropped me off. He said no goodbyes, said nothing on the whole journey. In truth, that was a relief, far better than the tirade of accusations I had received from my parents after being blamed for something I wasn’t guilty of. What was that, you ask? I suppose I might as well tell, since other things far more exciting will be revealed as this story moves along. So, what is Brimstone Academy? Well, so far as I know, it’s a correctional institute for young women who have strayed from the path. Which path? That of sobriety and proper behaviour which in my case, means I’ve been a slut. A very bad girl. How so, you ask? Hmm, let’s see. I guess it all began when that new family moved into next door; my attention immediately focussing on the handsome young man who turned out to be the family son. Of course, my passions soon rose as I watched him help carry the furniture into the house, I mean, a good-looking lad in just a pair of shorts will inflame a girl’s passions quite quickly; well mine anyhow. After all, I’m no shrinking violet, I’ve already been fucked dozens of times by different lads and some older men, I just have to get my fill of hard cock or I go bonkers. After watching from my bedroom for some time, and giving myself the odd, furtive twat rub, I’d decided that he would do nicely for what I had in mind. Having a nice horny lad living right next door is very handy indeed. I decided to strip down to my knickers, pulled on the tightest top I have, and then I slid up the window after checking my hair was tidy. Sure enough, his eyes soon spotted me as I dangled myself out of it. Now, I don’t have huge tits that I can flaunt without trying, but I do have big, puffy nipples that guys go crazy over. Anyhow, as he passed back and forth, his eyes seeking me out time after time, I managed eventually to yank my top down far enough that one of my nipples peeped out over the top. That sure got his attention. The next time that he walked by, I swear there was not only a decent bulge in his shorts, but his hidden cock swayed from left to right, or maybe right to left.

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