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Sex Crazy Nuns




Genres: Erotica


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Set in County Cork, Eire, this is an amusing, modern day story that definitely goes over the top in its most unlikely telling of the salacious shenanigans that go on behind the cloistered walls of this convent. Rosie is not your typical nun, in her mid-thirties she defies all description of a pious woman serving her religious beliefs. She swears, she breaks all sexual convention for a nun and generally flies in the face of all that's expected of her in this holy vocation. Veronice is a novice nun, her roomie and is in her charge, but Veronice is a continually troubled young woman, troubled because her sexual desires are on the rise and she is continually tempted, in her head, by the devil into indulging her needs with the visiting clergy who, are either trapped or who willingly accede to her sexual advances in order to gain their own satisfaction. This is a rather amusing dip into a religious never, never land that could only exist in my mind I'm afraid, but if you are looking for a rather unusual and most amusing read, then let your imagination run riot and join our lusty nuns as they break all the known conventions in order to satisfy their wayward desires to the full. . The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


“For the love of Mary, would you look at that thing now? Have you ever seen the likes before?” “What? My goodness Sister Veronice. I’ve told you not to go searching around on my lap-top. Will you let me see it then woman? Seems to be some kind of snake you’ve found there, wait a moment, zoom it out.” “How would I do that now? You know I haven’t a clue when it comes to computers Rosie?” “Oh goodness, let me? There now, let’s see what it is?” Veronice suddenly recoiled in terror, her hand held up to shield her eyes from the vivid image that now appeared on screen in all its masculine glory. “Rosie, for the love of god, shut it down. Tis not for us to be seeing such wicked things.” Rosie stared at the brazen images flashing across the screen with an amazed look across her face, her eyes fixed on the still images of cock after erect cock that were sending startling quivers of lust through her teenaged body. “Veronice; I don’t know what you think you were doing, but these are forbidden to us!” “Close it then, close it down. I can’t be seeing such things. Close it now Rosie before I’m struck blind by the lord himself. Will you close it now?” Despite her dramatic entreaties, it was obvious that Veronice was barely covering her eyes with her hand as she peeked through her spread fingers at the images that were playing out so graphically on the computer screen. So engrossed was she at the sights that met her eyes that she failed to tuck back a strand or two of her loose blonde hair that had fallen free across her face from her head covering. Rosie leaned in closer then leapt back suddenly as a close up view of a guy’s big, hard potent cock filled the screen. Slightly shiny with drool from the porn actress’s, red lips who’d been devouring it, it towered high in its grossly swollen state. A truly superb prick wavering slightly and at full erection as a hand with painted nails clasped tight around its long length. “The dirty fucking bastard,” cursed Rosie as she stared in wonder at the arousing sight, “though I truly have to admit that it’s a fine specimen I’m looking at to be sure, Veronice. Goodness, I’d almost forgotten how glorious such a manly sight is. Look at it? Look at it in all its worldly glory? Oh to have such at our disposal here in the Convent Veronice. What fun that would be if you could get your fingers wrapped around it?” “Tis a sin, tis a sin to see such goings on. Tis the lord’s wrath that will befall us. Mark my words, we will fall to ruination and damnation. Would you close it now for the love of god?”

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