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Taboolicious Temptation Stories, Books 1-3




Genres: Erotica


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Three books for the price of two. The complete collection of books featuring Erotic inter family sex stories.


That was before I went to my Aunt’s farm for a week’s stay. From then on, I became a depraved, sex hungry bi-sexual whore, and I don t regret that visit at all. Once I discovered the joys of fucking from them, I wanted more and more. I feasted on those families’ depravities. like any other girl in her teens, I used to frig myself off when I got horny, but I never let boys get close, and my girlfriends were all straight, So the moment Mom dropped me off, and I saw Justin and Maybelle for the first time, I just knew something in my life was about to change. Aunt Delilah welcomed me to the ranch, her hand groping my pert ass as she hugged me, then Maybelle rolled her big tits against mine to send a shiver of lust through my body, finally Justin hugged me tight for long enough for his erecting dick to dig into my stomach. My body went into hormonal excess and my nipples swelled in my bra. “Welcome Gail, I hope you enjoy your stay. My husband’s out in the fields but I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you too.” I wondered if his dick would be pressing at my stomach too, as I ran my eyes over the blonde-haired family group. My Aunt was a knockout, a hot feminine cowgirl, her body shapely, her tits large. Her daughter followed after her in sexiness, and Justin looked great in his jeans and tight tee shirt. I felt my pussy grow excited as I followed the women into the house, their swivelling asses somehow perking up my interest. Mine suddenly being slapped by Justin, whose fingers lingered long enough to grope me up. I began to wonder at this arousal in my body. I’d never felt so excited before by either sex, yet I found myself wondering if my Uncle was just as sexy too. was kinda left alone to settle in. my room evidently shared with Maybelle. You know, in most families, everyone gets undressed for dinner, not so at my Aunts, Everyone kind of arrived in their underwear, Justin’s white briefs bulged with his already hard long cock. Maybelle wandered into the room dressed in a tiny pair of shorts. My Aunt wore a leotard with half her big jugs on show. Her Husband wandered in totally naked, his huge dick pointing in my direction as he said hi. I felt overdressed so I decided to strip off my dress. Everyone seemed to be watching me when I undid my bra, and my cute tits were displayed. All through the dinner I heard soft moans, somehow furtive stuff was going down and people were getting off with each other. I jumped as a hand worked its way down over my panties, I went to protest, but hell, and it felt real good. Fingers wormed into my panties, slipped over my cunt to excite me far more. Two slid into my pussy then began frigging me. I stared around the room but had no idea whose digits they were. With a small moan I opened my legs wider and enjoyed the finger fucking. When I came, I saw Maybelle licking her fingers afterwards, surely not? Had my female Cousin just frigged me off?

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