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Sex Crazy Reform Girls




Genres: Erotica


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Lucia has scandalised her family with her bawdy lascivious behaviour, steps must be taken to set the young woman on the right path. Sent to a private reforming institution for privileged young ladies by her parents she soon discovers a hot bed of sexual lust beneath the formal exterior. When the female boarders are not making out with one another they instead are bent on seducing the willing trainers and instructors who are only too happy to satisfy these horny lusting delinquents every desire in any way they can devise. This is a UK based story. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Lucia hums a tune to herself as she strides across to the stables. The deliciously avaricious twenty-year old is dressed in her full riding attire; her tight jacket partially unbuttoned to show off her pert breasts that are only covered by her white, ruffled blouse. The tight-fitting, riding breeches are stretched tight across her slim butt, and her black, leather riding boots gleam in the morning sun light. She brushes her thick, long, dark hair out of her eyes, the natural highlights enhancing her complexion as she pauses to check that she is alone, and then, tucking her riding hat under one arm and smacking the crop against her boots, she smiles. Lucia might look all ready to ride, in fact, she is ready to ride; ride each of the three lusty stable hands who she hopes are waiting to get her half-naked and who then will fuck her to oblivion. Her nipples harden under her thin blouse, no bra on today, her pussy sizzles with impatience . Our heroine might look like a sweet, pure at heart, innocent kitten with her big brown eyes and full lips, but behind that sweet smile is the mind of a slut, a cock-teasing, totally desirable babe. A take on all the thick, hard, greedy, cunt-filling prick that she can get her hands on, fuck-queen, and she isn’t averse to a soft wet pussy or two either as her ex-college friends could attest. She pauses yet again at the stable doors listening intently, then smiles again, as she hears the loud male voices discussing just what they are going to do to the horny young cock-tease from the big house on the hill. “We’ll grab her as soon she comes through the door.”

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