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The Regency, Book 3, Lonon Lusts




Genres: Erotica


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The third book in the Regency series details Marys visit to London and her adventures there. Over two years have passed since my first book was written and this is now the third book that I have written. Newly published in France and soon to reach our shores, it tells of my visit to Annabella’s residence in London Town and of the adventures that I shared there. There is news of Roger Gormley, now a Lord in succession to his departed father and soon to marry one hears. As you shall see, the London stay was a most arousing and propitious one with many new escapades of a most outrageous nature to be shared. Faith, I must tell that I have many new excitements to titillate you, my readers. There are new lovers, new acquaintances and some surprises in store too to stimulate the mind and one’s body too as well as old friends. So here it is, my book of lusty London Town presented for your arousal an The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


It is a letter I received in the post that starts this new bawdy adventure. A communication from my dear friend, Arabella Gormley. Yes, the daughter of my Stepmothers arch enemy, whom I had secretly become very attached too. Now it appears, that having read and taken great pleasure from her reading of my last book, she has taken it upon herself to tell me that, ‘I simply must come visit because the bawdy life in London is just so amazing,’ my dearest Mary. It seems that, rather like me, she too procures her written erotica from Paris, and has been reading such diverse volumes since her youngest days. How young an age that was from one can only surmise. She has put off any thoughts of marriage until she has sampled all the sensual pleasantries that the city has to offer. Indeed, if her lusty descriptions of her well-endowed lovers, her visits to various dubious, though most exciting entertainments, and her most diverting accounts of what she calls; ‘avaricious deeds of a most debased nature’ are true; well then, there is indeed much merit in considering the idea of such a visit as soon as it might be arranged. Her accounts of her amazing nights of pleasure, of the salaciously exotic secret ladies Circes Society, not to mention the new footman she’s recently employed and whom she, it transpires, has seduced into more wickedness than he’s ever enjoyed before, are certainly whetting my somewhat recently jaded appetite to a high degree. I need new pastures to feed on and London society beckons. ‘You should see his prick my dearest Mary,’ she writes. ‘I swear a beast of the field would be envious of its impressive dimensions.’ She also describes, in most exciting terms, the attributes of her new maid. A young lady whom she has taken under her wing and whom is slowly educating in the ways of sexually entertaining men. A creole she tells me, who is still a virgin but is already of great mystical beauty and has had a previously sad life, but who is now coming out of herself thanks to Arabella’s care and support. ‘She promises to be a most accommodating lover in time if her avariciousness matches her flowering beauty’ adds Arabella.

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