A Hunter Rises (Book 1 of the Jacob Crestmore Trilogy)


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Jacob Crestmore has never gotten used to life as a monster hunter. Sure, he's been doing it for five years now, but hunting the dangerous creatures that stalk the poverty-stricken streets of the Capital doesn't pay as well as you'd think, especially when those same streets are controlled by the evil Antantans; a race of technologically superior humans who will stop at nothing to keep the so-called lesser beings in check. Hunting isn't Jacob's true calling in life, you know. He's always been a dreamer. Ever since he was a boy, when he ran away from home to escape his abusive foster-parents. His biggest dream is to escape the Capital and find his true purpose. The only thing stopping him is his friendship with Orla Paton; a feisty young go-getter with dreams of freeing the capital from Antantan oppression. Jacob can't bear to leave her, but she'll most certainly leave him. Orla is far too ambitious to let something like friendship and potential love stand in the way of her goals.... isn't she? When Jacob discovers a secret diary that sheds light on his real mother, Fiona, he learns she was part of the magic bloodline; a group of Elementalists, capable of wielding the power of fire, wind, water, and terra. Jacob has that power too, but first he must unlock it by finding the Elemental Key. It's not long before the Antantans learn of the lost artefact, and a mysterious figure from Jacob's past is dispatched to beat him to it. Haunted by his childhood, Jacob must battle against the might of a superpower, and his inner demons to stop the Elemental Key from falling into the wrong hands...… Even if it kills him.....

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Book Type: Print & Digital

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Language: English

Pages: 392

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Sean Clarke is an author who writes urban and dark fantasy fiction. He sometimes ventures into the sci-fi and horror genre as well. When he's not writing, Sean enjoys gaming, swimming and spending time with family and friends.

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