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Ellie Mae (book 1) Obsessed With Older Men




Genres: Erotica


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Ellie Mae didn’t start out obsessed with older men, she just kinda discovered that particular need when a new lodger moved into the home she shared with her ma. She was already foolin’ with guys, younger men who she shared with her friend Sasha without wanting to do more than explore her budding sexuality with any strings. But lust has a funny way of taking a person off in its own direction, and Ellie Mae can’t resist the lure of an older man, and nor can her seething desires resist that call. So join Ellie Mae as she tells us in her own Southern Alabama words of her sexual awakening, her coming of age as she discovers herself and her needs during one hot summer. Adventures as only she can tell it. She’s hot, sexy and most accommodating, especially when she knows that sex pays real good. The TOC may not be perfect adter conversion, but the chapters are all there.


I rub at my eyes so as to clear the sleep away from them and then stare at the closed blinds as the morning sunlight filters in around the edges of the slats. Groan softly as my dream comes back to me in all its erotic clarity. That stiff cock, thick and long, the firmly packed balls just below, full and taut. I remember the owner of that magnificent prick, his amazing body, his hands on my breasts as he,….. but his face just wouldn’t come back to me. It’s misty, indistinct, but his jutting cock still remains in my head in all its magnificent detail, pointing lustfully at my wide, big brown eyes. Its thick, throbbing length jerking tantalisingly near as my hand reaches out to fasten itself around its heated circumference and then, of course, I woke up. Woke up with my nipple’s, my two, large, puffy, sensitive cones still hard to my touch and tingling with the need for prompt attention. Needless to say, my pussy too is now seething and demanding, needing my fingers, and so, they quickly drift down into my pyjama shorts to soothe and assuage the steamy fire that burns so strongly down there. ‘It’s my own fault,’ goes through my mind. ‘Lookin’ at all that porn on the tube site, getting myself off again last night; …twice!’ I hadn’t ever had real sex of course, just fantasised about how it would be as I watched erotic scenes unfolding, each time searching out new and more exciting ones on the free site that my best friend Sasha, had told me about. Sasha, her pale chocolate skin so smooth and soft, Sasha of Mexican extraction, who tells me dirty stories about boys; about her games with them. Well never mind that for now. Sasha knows all about dicks though, she’s done blow jobs, hasn’t fucked either as of yet but always makes her guys go down on her first before she pays them in kind, and she then relays every wild detail back to me, Miss Ellie Mae, with not a jot of detail left out. I do so get real excited just listening to it all on the phone, or reading the hot emails she sends over, and then we share mutual masturbation sessions with each other as we tell our hottest sex fantasies to each other. My fingers working down between my spread thighs, drifting over my swollen pussy lips just as they are doing right now. Bobbing about down in my pyjama shorts as I spread my long legs even wider so as to accommodate my questing fingers more comfortably.

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