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Sex Crazy Interracial Stories




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A collection of racy new stories featuring different time periods and situations for those of you who get off on reading about well endowed black guys making it with white women. Featuring two stories from the Deep South during the slavery years, when passions ran high and crossed forbidden boundaries in the heat, to the nymphomaniac pregnant young woman who not content with her current set of lovers also gets it from her gynaecologist and his hot nurse. Taken from a comic series called ‘The Pit,’ a story of cheerleaders seduced by football coaches and gang-banging players. How about the office girl that wins the company’s internal draw and gets to choose three male escorts to entertain her for evening. Take a trip to Japanese women’s all-in wrestling with a difference where the two tag-team losers pay a real forfeit in the centre of the ring before an excited crowd, all these stories and more to get you in the mood, take a look inside please. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Justina and her best friend and confidant, Constance are sneakily negotiating their way through the undergrowth. The woods are thick around the edge of the plantation and their full length dresses repeatedly snag on the twigs and bushes as they creep toward their destination. The Carolina weather as usual is sultry hot, though a little cooler out of the sun, the thick trees shielding them from its rays. These two young ladies are however, feeling flushed for another reason. They are heading for an area that is absolutely off limits for white women of high standing, the male slave’s showers. Constance had put her friend up to it, told her how she’d done it once before. How she’d watched excitedly as the men stripped completely naked, described their well-muscled dark chests, their slim butts, their muscular legs and of course their long, thick dangling dark cocks. “Tell me more,” Justina had begged, leaning in toward her pretty redheaded friend conspirationally as they sat up in the hay loft. It is their secret place to talk, far away from their parents. A place where young, inquisitive girls can talk of men and sex and other subjects of a similar ilk. “Not so loud Constance, Papa might be around. Well, they was real thick, like as big as mah wrist, and so long too. Not hard of course, but they sure did look like they could get real massive.” “Did you see any hard ones? Oh tell me you did?” “Well, one was half hard, I think it’s called a semi. It kinda looped out in front of him and his balls was all sorta tight too.” “Oh did ya’ll do it?” “Do it?”

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